So how much does this creativity cost?

Here at thommygun we pride ourself on our pricing-we contend that we are far and away the best value in the region.

So how are we able to keep our costs so competitive? 

  • put it bluntly we have been doing this for a long time, and so we know how to get the shot, get it properly, and get it quickly. Saving us all time and therefore money.
  • Simplicity....we use a simple, tried and tested, 'run n gun' methodology which keeps setups quick and turnarounds efficient.
  •  Resourcefulness......we own all our own gear, which means we rarely have to hire any extra pieces of equipment-something that can often push prices up.
  • Consistency....we do beautiful, well structured narrative pieces. We don't delve into animations or special effects (these are the things that often cost the most money on a production) 
  • Contacts....we work with some of the best people in the region, and are able to leverage these relationships for you the client.


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