Ian Thomson is the founder and creative driver behind thommygun productions. As well as having his Masters in Education and being a professional associate at the INSPIRE centre at the University of Canberra, Ian is also an experienced storyteller whose work has featured at some of the world premier film festivals including Tropfest, The St Kilda Film Festival, LAFest & the Palm Springs film festival.


Our Mission

We are here to find the 'narrative' behind your experience and context, and once we have found that story whatever it is, we specialise in bringing it to life through authentic film based creations. We use a small 'run & gun' crew that keeps the experience as intimate and non threatening as possible - we are experts in the nuanced and the detailed. 

Your videos are a true reflection of what we went through. I was very happy with the range of interactions you shared.
Thank you so much for keeping it real. You listened so intently to the story I conveyed to you and you bought it to life. I had respect for you before this and my respect for you has deepened.
— Tina, Deputy Principal