We are a unique video production and education entity-and so how we work is an important part of what you get



How do you operate?

Here at thommygun we are strategic, efficient and creative. We do things quickly, utilising our years of experience to get you the best outcome-but we are also sensitive and intuitive. We know it can sometimes be confronting sitting in front of a camera, under lights, being asked all sorts of questions so we make sure we keep things comfortable and achievable. By using things like iPad tele-prompters and low glare LED lights we make the experience of capturing your story  as easy and enjoyable as possibile. 

What Gear do you use?

We use some of the most advanced film capture technology in the market. 4K cameras, gimbal stabilisers and zip line systems all allow us to get the best shot for you, the client. 



We use Sony 4K cameras for their adaptability and quality 

  • Sony FS700 (paired with a convergent design monitor) gives 4K capture with high dynamic range and slow motion capability
  • Sony A7S captures full frame  4K quality, with extreme low light capability.



The glass used is an incredibly important part of the capture process-and we use some of the finest.

  • Zeiss Prime lens set (24 2.0, 35 2.8, 50 1.4, 85 1.4) gives beautiful shots in a range of conditions
  • Sony zooms (18-200 & 24-240) mean we can get into the action without getting in the way


syrp Genie 7 genie mini timelapse equipment

We can get beautiful motion time-lapse and video movement with this amazing equipment from New Zealand.



defy g5 image stabiliser

This amazing 3 axis gimbal allows us to get incredibly smooth tracking and movement shots, all in beautiful 4K. 


Dactylcam zip line camera system

The dactylcam system allows the camera to get airborne, in a completely safe and controllable way. The shots we can get with this thing are incredible!


how come you are so much cheaper?

We get asked this a lot....and to be honest people are sometimes suspicious as to why we offer such good value....the answer?

  • Experience! In the vast majority of situations we can operate as a one man 'run n gun' crew. This saves you money, us complications, and everyone time
  • Gear!  Over the years we have built up our own arsenal of kit, which means we don't have to pay rental costs...and neither do you
  • Specialisation! We do a few things (video narrative pieces for corporate, education, sport or special interest) and we do them incredibly well. Because of this we can always offer great value


how does it work?

We start any project with a conversation. Here we will find out whether a video is actually the best way to tell your story-and if it is how we can help you.

If it is, we will use our experience in pre-production to come up with a guiding script-one that is informative without being restrictive. 

Once we are all completely happy with the plan, we will begin the filming process. Obviously how long this takes will depend on you, and your project-but we always aim to be as strategic and efficient as possible. We understand that your time is incredibly precious, regardless of the project-and we rely on our experience to balance time vs output

Once we have filmed the action we will go away and sculpt a first cut. We will show this to you, and get your invaluable feedback. The final product will be delivered in a High quality 4K product (for archive) as well as web based formats.

If you would like any of the raw footage this can be organised as well. The scale of the job will obviously impact the turn around time, but we are known for our speed (we have even finished rough cuts for clients in our thommygun productions mobile editing suite on site!)